“There’s nothing more rewarding  than doing something you love and were born to do.”

For the past 30 years, Kevin Brooks has taken his love of art and used it to develop a career. For years he made his mark by designing, painting and pinstriping award winning custom cars and trucks and at the same time running a commercial sign business. Along the way, Kevin won awards and gained a reputation for the high quality of his work.

In 2007, looking for something new to do in his free time, Kevin got interested in endurance sports – starting out with running and biking in duathlons and then worked hard to learn to swim so he could compete in triathlons.

He did his first triathlon, a half Ironman in 2009. Since then he’s completed Ford Ironman Louisville in 2009 and 2011 and done countless other triathlons.

At first completing a triathlon of that distance seemed impossible, but with perseverance and disciplined training it can be done, he said.

As he fell more in love with the sport of triathlons, Kevin began to wonder how he could merge his hobby with his career.

And that’s how he formed Brooks Airbrush Studio – specializing in customizing triathlon bikes and helmets. After designing and painting a helmet as a donation to the Blazeman Foundation for ALS, the door was opened into a brand new arena, and orders for custom airbrush work started to roll in.

Kevin works with athletes to design their helmets, customizing them to each athlete’s personality. He’s used rhinestones to add girly bling and airbrushed skulls for an edgier look.

“Other than some of the team helmets, I don’t think I’ve done two that are remotely alike,” Kevin said. “Everybody’s tastes are so different.”

Working on bikes and helmets presents a different challenge than a car, Kevin said, because the bikes and helmets are much smaller and made of specialized materials like carbon fiber.

“It’s intricate,” he said. “These bikes and helmets are some of the most tedious things I’ve ever done. But I like the challenge of it.”

Kevin said starting this business has created the perfect marriage of his passion for triathlons with his career.

“There’s nothing more rewarding  than doing something you love and were born to do,” he said. And the work gives him the opportunity to help other athletes craft their image for race day, which hopefully gives them confidence to race well. And if not, at least hopefully they look good.