Q: Does painting my bike/helmet add weight.

A: Yes a tiny bit. Usually in the area of 10 to 25 grams. In comparison a GU gel weighs 32 grams.

Q: How do we get started on my custom paint work?

A: Easy, press the Order Yours Now button, give me some details on what you’d like and I’ll send you a PayPal invoice for your deposit. $150 on a helmet. $400 for a bike. Balance will be invoiced when your work is done with return shipping if necessary.

Q: Where do I ship my stuff so you can paint it?

A: Brooks Airbrush Studio 514 Dakota St. Louisville KY 40209.

Q: What is it going to cost?

A: Helmets start around $300 and bikes start at $800. When we do sketches I can give you detailed pricing on your one of a kind job.

Q: Can you paint carbon fiber?

A: It’s what I specialize in. 95% of the bikes I paint are Carbon Fiber.

Q: Can you paint my helmet before my upcoming race?

A: Absolutely I can! But I am a one man operation, I’m human, and I need time to do the work and ship it back. I post what my current timeline is on the top of the page. It’s only an estimate though. Please try to give me additional time because there are usually 10-20 jobs going at any given time here in my shop.

Q: I have a deadline and it’s in 2 weeks, can you do my job?

A: Yes, but I’ll need 50% more money and the OK of all the customers in front of you in line, I can send the phone numbers of all of them if you’re still interested. 🙂 It’s better if you can order earlier.

Q: Can I get a sponsorship from Brooks Airbrush Studio?

A: I ended my sponsorship program for professional triathletes in 2015. I do however sponsor teams, and tri clubs. I offer a 15% discount on my work in exchange for a link to my website on your team/club website.

Q: I’m not sure what I want, can you design something I’ll like?

A: I don’t know…..But I’m pretty sure I can make you happy if you give me a few details like colors and what you’d like on it.

Q: Can I buy my helmet from Brooks Airbrush Studio?

A: Yes, if you need a Rudy Project, Giro, Kask, Bell or a few others! But you’ll need to be sure of your size because once I paint it, it’s yours whether it fits you or not.

Q: Can we discuss my job over the phone?

A: Absolutely, if necessary. But it’s way easier for me to have an email to go back and review details on. So even if we talk it over the email is a must.