Level 1:   $175-250

2 colors simple art work.
7 day turnaround*


Level 3:   $325-400

3 or more colors or difficult artworks, extensive airbrush work or multiple logos. Specialty paints and backgrounds. Rhinestones. Matte and gloss combined finishes.
7-14 day turnaround*

Level 2:   $250-325

up to 3 colors moderate artwork or logos.
7-14 day turnaround*


Level 4:   $400 and up

Multiple color works of art, money is not an object. These helmets require quite a bit more time than the rest.
14-21 days minimum*.

* Turnaround times are approximate and depend on work load at the time of your order.


Your helmet needs to be shipped to us with a return shipping tag, or shipping will be added to the final payment before we ship back to you.

Ship to:

Brooks Airbrush Studio
4603 Kerrick Lane
Louisville KY 40258

A down payment is required to begin your design process(but if for some reason we can’t design a helmet to your liking we will refund your down payment). One initial sketch and up to 2 sketch revisions are included. Additional revisions will be charged at our design rate of 40/hr. Your job will not start until we have a customer OK’d artwork.

If you send logos and artwork to us it needs to be in PDF, EPS or CDR file formats(vector art).

Please NO JPEGS for artwork. JPEGS are fine for photos of your bike or a design you like.